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Product & Marketing Strategy

Digital Transformation

Developing brand positioning and campaign strategies that will best enable your business to pivot now and post-COVID-19

  • Product design & strategy

  • Customer segmentation analysis

  • Customer experience design

  • Strategic marketing communications

  • Marketing program architecture

Creating a strong digital presence that resonates with your key customers (e.g. transitioning your community-building activities into online events)

  • Brick and Mortar to E-commerce

  • Engaging with customers online

  • Enabling digital sales channels

Supply Chain Transformation

Transforming your delivery networks (e.g. transitioning your retail or restaurant business to a delivery model)

  • Setting up local delivery routes

  • Enabling shipping and direct to customer (DTC) sales

  • Manufacturing process analysis

  • Distribution network optimization


  • Retail

  • Agriculture

  • Restaurants and Bars

  • Non-Profits

  • Arts and Entertainment

  • Recreation

  • Start-ups

  • Health and Wellness

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